Exact build machines for the recovery of edge trim of thermoplastic film inline of a closed loop cycle with an extruder and waste film reels.

The Exact system can handle many types of thermoplastic film, mono or multi-layer, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PET, PA, PS, PVC, PP PTFE, PU, PUOH, EVOH, EHPP and EVAL.

The system works by the guide rollers feeding the film into the Exact unit.  Entrance guides are used to gather the film and fold it into a narrow web, this web then enters the compression rollers.  These knurled rollers compress the film into a neat plastic tape.  (Exact also offer a preheating section to their machine as some materials require this to achieve the plastic tape form)  The tape is then cut uniformally by a carbon blade cutter and the Exact chips are then transported to the extruder to be mixed with virgin and re-used.


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