FBF manufacture expansion shafts, spreader rollers and microperforators. 

The microperforators can be either hot or cold needles.  The hot version comes with needle sections of 200 mm and a wide range of needle dimensions can be offered (0.8, 1.08, 1.22, 1.42, 1.80 and 2.35) with varying numbers of needle density (the standard is 1, 4, 9, 16 & 25 per cm sq)

FBF’s cold microperforator comes in 3 types:  MF1 with manual opening and MF2 and 3 with pneumatic opening.  The counter roller can be either grooved rubber or brush.  The same size needles are offered in both hot and cold.

FBF spreader rollers come in 4 different types:
‘CG’ Series        -      curved spreader roller covered in rubber
‘CGV’ Series      -      curved spreader roller with variable deflection
‘AG’ Series         -      curved spreader roller covered in steel
‘RES’ Series      -      spreader roller with elastic cords

The width of the roller starts at 500 mm and goes up in 100 mm increments.

FBF  Expansion shafts come in various forms:
APC  Steel spline
APL  Rubber spline
AS  Embossed shaft
APM-APMSE  Mechanical shaft
AM  Manual mechanical shaft

They also have their headers which again come in various types:

TPM  Air expanding mechanical header
TMS  Axial thrust
TC/TCB  Air expanding steel header
TG/TGB  Air expanding rubber header

For further information and quotations please contact the Sales Office at Keely Machinery Ltd:

Tel:      00 44 (0)1234 857744
Fax:     00 44 (0)1234 854219
Email:  sales@keelymachinery.com

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