SCAE have been manufacturing bag machines since 1956.  Their Universal Flat Bed Machine can have various attachments fitted to it so that it can make many different types of bags: side weld, carrier, round bottom, bottom weld, patch handle, plastic hangers and zip closing, plus many more.

Due to the type of world we live in now we are very security conscious and the DIMATIC ETH 201 has been designed to produce security bags for airports, banks, forensics etc.  There are many attachments that can be fitted to the machine from glue tape, wide seal, twin seal and more.

SCAE also make a High Speed Wicket Machine for bread bags, chicken bags with round bottoms and pin blocked bags.

Other machines in their range are a heavy duty bottom weld bag machine and a bag on roll machine with 3” 75 mm cores for automatic filling machines for packing fruit/vegetables etc.

The list of bags that can be made on SCAE machines is endless.


For further information and quotations please contact the Sales Office at Keely Machinery Ltd:

Tel:      00 44 (0)1234 857744
Fax:    00 44 (0)1234 854219

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